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I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. (Psalms 122:1)


Ministers support the Body of Christ by leading worship service, providing spiritual and physical assistance to the Pastor. They also serve in the capacity of assisting with communion, baptism and praying for congregants. >> back to top


The Deacons act as extended arms of the Pastor. They perform the duties of ministering to the congregation, furthering the growth of the individual member and the corporate body. The Deacons are responsible for addressing the needs of the Body of Christ, as related to the spiritual and the temporal needs that may arise.  >> back to top


The Deaconesses, serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by loving, supporting, assisting, and praying for the Pastor. They assist with the preparation of communion, praying and preparing new converts for baptism. >> back to top

Mass and Youth Choirs

The Mass and Youth Choirs are created to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through embracing various forms of musical expressions, which set the atmosphere for a powerful worship experience. >> back to top

Usher Board

This ministry is for the purpose of serving the worshippers as they enter into the sanctuary by greeting each guest with a warm welcome and directing them to their seats. They support the service by ensuring the needs of the congregation are met in order for the congregants to receive the message. >> back to top

Strength and Unity Praise Dancers

The praise dancers are for the purpose of glorifying God by using spiritual dance as an instrument of praise. They creatively interpret spiritual music by using different styles of dance techniques to communicate God's message of Love. >> back to top


The Hospitality committee demonstrates our Christian love and commitment to Christ Jesus throughout the Body of Christ by preparing meals and serving guests during events established by Flint Ridge Baptist Church. >> back to top


The Musicians seek to set the atmosphere for praise and worshipping Jesus Christ through instruments. They also minister to the congregation through the sounds of musical praise. >> back to top

Pastor’s Aide

The Pastor’s Aide provides and/or assists the Pastor with whatever he needs to carryout God’s mission of shepherding His people. The ministry also supports the Pastor spiritually and emotionally, through a variety of activities and services. The Pastor’s Aide Ministry is responsible for various items and supplies being at the Pastor’s disposal to accommodate both his office and pulpit needs. >> back to top

Our Ministries

Flint Ridge offers a variety of ministries. Join us as we praise, laugh & labor in the Glory of God.

Worship Ministries
Fellowship Ministries
Christian Education
Outreach Ministries

Ministry Leadership

Ministerial Staff

Rev. Willie Williams
Rev. Termalo Stafford
Rev. Marcus Dennard


Dea. Frank Styles, Chairman
Dea. James Camp,Vice Chairman
Dea. Stanley Washington
Dea. Terry Walker
Dea. Gene Swain
Dea. Randall Barnes
Dea. Donta Cofield
Dea. Kelly Johnson
Dea. David Mack

Deacon Emeritus

Dea. Clarence Murray

Chairman Emeritus

Dea. Johnny B. Brown